Altarnun PC Code of Conduct

Last reviewed Oct 2019

Altarnun PC Complaint-Handling-Procedure

Adopted Oct 2019

Altarnun PC General GDPR Privacy Notice

Adopted Dec 2019

Altarnun PC Staff GDPR Privacy Notice

Adopted December 2019

Altarnun PC - Freedom of Information Request Policy

Altarnun PC - Press & Media Policy

Altarnun PC - Subject Acess Requests Policy

Altarnun PC - Planning Pre-Application Discussions

Register of Officer Delegated Decisions

Business Continuity Plan April 2020

Altarnun PC - Retention of Documents

Altarnun PC - Financial Regulations

Adopted 6.11.2019

Altarnun PC - Standing Orders

Adopted 6.11.2019 Caronavirus Amendments adopted 10.6.2020.

Altarnun PC - Risk Management Policy & Register

Adopted 4th November 2020

Altarnun PC - Freedom of Information Model Publication Scheme

Adopted 4th November 2020