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Altarnun Parish Council January 2022 Meeting Report

The first council meeting of the New Year saw Launceston Town Councillor and St Stephen by Launceston Rural Parish Councillor Joan Heaton in attendance. Representing herself as a member of the public, she pledged her allegiance to Altarnun Parish Council in an effort unite other local parishes in the fight to make the A30/B3257 junction safer. She explained how she witnessed the aftermath of the major accident on 30th December, ‘NHS agencies, police, ambulance services, Public Health (Cornwall Council) - all working together, I saw them all in action on 30 December 2021 and it was impressive. I also saw another partner in action - the public. We instinctively knew what to do to support our emergency services. The Cornwall Air Ambulance came in and took out the casualties. The police made our route safe and led us out. Highways were there to make our main arterial safe for all users again. The ambulance crews and paramedics - those unsung heroes who see the horror at first hand and deal with it - worked seamlessly. This is the reality. Accidents happen. We have an impressive strategy in place to deal with worst case. We, who put ourselves forward as advocates of the people, need to get together and do the best we can to mitigate the situation at Plusha Services. Let's work from the grassroots to Westminster to help our community. The casualties on 30 December 2021 could have been you and yours’

Of course Altarnun Parish Council has been campaigning for over 15 years enlisting the support of their ward councillors during that time and latterly Cllr Adrian Parsons, who at our meeting threw down the gauntlet to our representatives in Westminster, ‘With regards to Plusha, many of us have had lengthy discussions with the stakeholders involved, if those with immediate access to National Highways aren’t pulling their weight and delivering for their community they need to be held to account’. Altarnun Councillors agreed the next steps need to be taken at the next Launceston Community Network Panel meeting in March but hope that in the interim some action from more senior politicians will be brought to bear after also agreeing further representation to Scott Mann to act on our behalf, as a matter of urgency.

In the fear of being repetitive the clerk reported that once again the council seeks another new member following the sad news that Cllr Leah Marsh, for personal reasons, tendered her resignation. Once again, the usual process of finding candidates has commenced. Those wishing to be a council member and fill the current vacancies, please get in touch with the clerk or one of the councillors.

There were no objections or adverse opinions on the latest batch of planning applications for which our councillors comments had been invited by Cornwall Council. They were:-planning reference no.PA21/12226 Proposal: Development of a single self-build dwelling with associated parking. Location: Dairy Cottage, Five Lanes, Altarnun. Applicant: Mr and Mrs Pooley and reference no.PA21/12296 Proposal: Custom build dwelling with variation of condition 2 (plans approved) of decision notice PA19/10569 dated 07.02.2020 with non compliance of condition 3 in relation to decision notice PA20/05220 dated 16.09.2020. Location: Laurelin Road from Altarnun Road to Junction South East of Trelawny Barton, Altarnun submitted by Mr And Mrs A Potter. This one involved accepting that any business may operate from the workshop on this site in the future as opposed to the current constraint that the original approval gave in favour of Potter Morgan Glass, only.

So, onto the next parish council meeting which will be held on 2nd February 2022 in the village hall, starting at 7.30pm at which we hope to announce the formalisation of plans to install the bus shelter at Bolventor. All are welcome – please attend – you may well enjoy the proceedings!

In the meantime please remember the clerk may be contacted on 07841780397 or by email at