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Altarnun Parish Council August 2022 Meeting Report

Once again Bolventor was the venue for the August Parish Council meeting. On a beautiful moorland evening business focused very much on community matters. Cornwall councillor Adrian Parsons was pleased to report the planned reinstatement of the pre-April 2022 425 bus route, stops and service, expected to be operative in September 2022. We hope this is a case of the bus company listening to their customers.

The clerk reported that he continues to receive correspondence from parishioners lobbying for a 20 mile an hour speed limit in and around Altarnun village.

Just to remind everyone, this has been a regular topic at council meetings for over a year and Altarnun is very much on Cornwall Councils radar for such a scheme to be implemented if considered to be of sufficient priority. The Parish Council and Ward councillor will do everything possible to see this through and will maintain regular representation to Cornwall Council for the latest progress.

Also, he reported that some residents are querying the wisdom of Cornwall Council introducing wheelie bins to households for the periodic refuse collection. It is felt that in our very narrow streets and lanes the bins will immediately pose a traffic hazard as well as being an unwelcome and unsightly blot on our conservation area townscape.

A well founded complaint from residents, is the way in which the common area at Penpont View is being maintained. They pay an annual service charge to have the space cut and close inspection will bare that when eventually an infrequent cut is undertaken the work is poor and the area left far from enhanced. The clerk promised to contact the necessary agencies to understand all the apparent shortcomings. The results of his enquiries will be reported back to the council at the next meeting.

In the finance matters section of the meeting it was reported that the Councils coffers were swelled with a VAT reclaim of £889 and £100 being received from NatWest Bank after they acknowledged a service failure to do specifically with the Councils bank account.

Planning matters included 3 sites. The development at Grattan Field was tabled once again due to a technicality in the last application not meeting planning requirements. This time councillors were reassured in a letter from the planning consultant being employed by developer Devonshire Homes that the exterior finish will be of render and stone.

Having agreed a comment in support of Grattan Field they also did likewise with applications relating to the development of a garage at 1, Todda Close, Bolventor, where a previous permission had lapsed and, finally, the replacement of an existing oil tank with two oil tanks increasing capacity from 650 litres to two 1200 litre tanks atTrerithick Manor. The latter requiring listed building consent.

Blisland Parish Council had written to Altarnun with details of their Neighbourhood Plan seeking consultation and comment. Councillors were duly impressed and sought to give constructive feedback but acknowledging that Altarnun has not embarked on such a project, their comments were deliberately objective, towards the residents possible future needs by not being too restrictive in their ambitions for growth.

Towards the end of the meeting it was agreed that the Parish Council will no longer represented on the Altarnun Village Hall committee. By mutual consent, representation is not deemed absolutely necessary and should the council be asked to give help and support, allows more freedom for it to act.

The next parish council meeting will be held on 7th September 2022 at Altarnun Village Hall, starting at 7.30pm. All are welcome – please attend – your contributions will be much appreciated.