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ALTARNUN PARISH COUNCIL Monthly Meeting Report August 2020

Altarnun Parish Council (APC) were joined by Ward Councillor Adrian Parsons at their August meeting. He congratulated them on their third remote council meeting, enforced by current circumstances and with online meetings expected to continue for the foreseeable future, stressed it is important that these replicate physical meetings in every way and members of the public are encouraged to join and participate. Cllr Parsons was also appreciative of the work APC members and Altarnun residents have done and are doing to mitigate the effects of the pandemic on the community in general and maintaining as much normality as is possible.

It was reported, with regret, that the council had lost another long standing member in Marion McCallum, who decided to stand down in early July. After the publication and expiry of the statutory casual vacancy notice, APC have been instructed to seek a new councillor by way of co-option. There will now be two places to fill. Anyone who would like to step forward to become a member of the council, please contact the clerk.

The parish cemetery, which is operated by APC was under the spotlight and the annual maintenance report was received, with Chair, Craig Dowler, praising the work that had gone into it’s maintenance over the past 6 months to create a beautiful & tranquil facility to be much admired. The council were also pleased to be able to approve the procurement of new access gates to the cemetery drive on Rose Hill. Funding for these is thanks to Ward Cllr Adrian Parsons signposting APC to the remains of a grant pot that was administered by Cornwall Council. Yet another intervention that Cllr Parsons has made to benefit the parish and APC was also able to obtain cash from the same fund for the enhancement of other village locations, at Mill Green and the toilet block in course of construction at Riverside. It was reported that the latter still awaits Cornwall Council building control sign off before the facility can be opened. However, work at Mill Green is well underway and will be completed as soon as possible to convert the phone box to an exchange library. Two local residents have already come forward with book donations to stock it. Many thanks to those two kind supporters of the councils efforts!

A further aspect relating to the cemetery was reviewed, being it’s longevity to serve the local community. Councillors acknowledged that interment fees were in need of being increased, the last adjustment being in 2014. Not only to cover the annual cost of maintenance but to ensure that a sufficient margin was maintained between the cost for residents of the parish and non-residents. Whilst only modest increases were approved for the parishioner fees, larger increases were approved in line with other local council run burial grounds, for non-parishioners. Full details are available from the Parish Clerk and are published on the Altarnun Parish Council web site.

Highways also came under the meetings scrutiny. Cllr Dowler reported that Cornwall Council are all too aware of the need for urgent repair of potholes and gullies throughout the parish. Whilst some are done, the bulk of the work is scheduled for a future date due to the close down in March, April & May. Cllr Parsons is supporting the reinstatement and further improvement to double yellow lines in and around the junction opposite Jamaica Inn at Bolventor to make it safer on exit. He is also behind the installation of a bus shelter just along the road at Bolventor now that services are more frequent. He will work with the parish council to ensure that every opportunity is explored to complete this is scheme.

In planning matters, APC was pleased to reiterate its support for a development just north of Treween which was originally tabled in late 2019 and subsequently approved by the local authority. This time the applicants, Mr & Mrs Andrew Potter, are asking to reposition the development within the site and to add a small extension to accommodate renewable energy hardware. Most importantly, the property known as Laurelin is to be linked to their glass manufacturing business to allow its continuity and expansion.

Four approved planning application were reported - PA20/01889 ProposalErection of three replacement dwellings, previously notified under PA19/06628, together with extension to residential curtilage area to serve the dwellingsLocation:Strylands Farm Altarnun Launceston Cornwall Applicant:Mr I Scott

PA20/02940 Location:Bramble Cottage Trewint Launceston Cornwall PL15 7TG Proposal: Single storey rear extension to existing dwelling. Applicant:Mr Matthew And Mrs Jessica Careswell

PA20/03838 Location:Trewint Farm Altarnun Launceston Cornwall PL15 7TG Proposal:Extension to the existing cottage Applicant: Mr And Mrs Andrew Greenaway

PA20/03712 Location:Trewint Farm Road from Westmoorgate to Trewint Altarnun Launceston PL15 7TGProposal: Construction of a new 3 bedroom dwelling Applicant: Mr And Mrs Andrew Greenaway

The parish clerk can be contacted at or by phone on 07841780397 for details of future meetings.