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Altarnun Parish Council November 2021 Meeting Report

Cllr Chris Bloomfield chaired the November council meeting in Craig Dowler’s absence and invited Cornwall Councillor Adrian Parsons to report on the past months activities at Cornwall Council., which centred on the financial management now required after the impact of Covid and the consequences of Brexit. By no means a local problem, it was clear from his report that prudent management by all and support from central government will be key for the foreseeable future in dealing with an increasing net debt position.

Adrian also reported that transport is under the spotlight, no surprise given the apparent acceleration being experienced in the introduction of low emission vehicles and the price hikes of fossil fuels over the past few months. A 10-year transport strategy, including personal travel and the movement of goods, is to be drawn from a consultation process now underway and we can only speculate on what the effects of an enforced change of behaviours, potentially coming our way, will be.

A fairly light agenda of parish council business included the support of two planning applications. Mr M Cooper has applied to demolish Glenfield Bungalow at Treween and rebuild a new single storey dwelling on the site. Altarnun councillors submitted a comment to Cornwall Council requesting that the design code contained in the Local Plan is followed should they be minded approving the application. The second application tabled was the request to remove the agricultural tie applying to Riverside Bungalow, Bolventor.

In amongst essential internal housekeeping agenda items the only other item with community interest was a request for Altarnun Parish Council to support a National Lottery bid OF £489.7K by Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. This is for the second phase of work to help protect historic monuments at risk in Cornwall, two of which are in our parish. The first phase, the development phase identifying and surveying the monuments, was funded by a Historic England grant. The second phase, aimed at delivering the remedial work, has Cornwall Councils’ commitment of £151k, which Altarnun councillors felt should be spent elsewhere given the pressure on finances that Cllr Parsons had highlighted earlier in the meeting. Also within the lengthy debate they criticised the lack of a financial transparency because of the absence of a summary of the application funds already spent and a budget of expenditure for funds proposed to be raised, it was with regret that, unanimously, they resolved not to provide a letter of support of the Lottery bid at this time.

The next parish council meeting will be held on 1st December 2021 in the village hall, starting at 7.30pm and all are welcome – please attend – you may well enjoy the proceedings!

Finally, Craig and the team would like to thank all the readers who have taken time to cast an eye over this bulletin over the last year and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a healthy New Year.

In the meantime please remember the clerk may be contacted on 07841780397 or by email at