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Annual Parish Meeting & Annual Council Meeting 2022.

The Annual Parish Meeting was incredibly well attended and nine reports from local organisations and our ward councillor being delivered. This was exactly the response we had hoped for after the plea that went out at last year’s meeting. It certainly seemed to galvanise our community spirit in the room, on 4th May, when listening to the vast amounts purpose and energy being expended by these organisations for the benefit of all.

Cllr Craig Dowler’s parish council report reflected the successes the council has gained from a lot of prior hard work. The new public conveniences and telephone box library are operating satisfactorily. The bus shelter at Bolventor is now in situe. Our parish cemetery is gaining plaudits for its appeal and a being a place of tranquillity, and the list of undertakings went on.

He mentioned two initiatives the parish council would dearly love to see come to fruition, being the introduction of a 20mph speed limit through Altarnun and the improvement to safety at Plusha junction which is now also being championed by neighbouring parishes and Launceston Town Council.

Cllr Adrian Parsons reported from the perspective of a Cornwall Councillor, stressing how much more work the ward councillors are expected to do following the enlargement of their divisions last year. Personally, he now has the largest by land mass.

It is almost certain present economic pressures will exacerbate an already stretched public service and Cornwall Council will be forced into further cuts or at least rationalisations. However he did say ‘looking forward in a positive manner is the route to success along with hard work to unearth opportunities within the system to deliver benefits for our residents’.

Lyn Jones gave a great update on our local Brownie pack. Established over forty years ago, Lyn said she is now in her 30th year as leader and one of her past charges was in the room to reminisce. Today there is a register of nine Brownies who are being introduced to an array of community matters with a recent visit to Launceston Town Hall and the undertaking of a litter pick with the Guides, as examples. We think the Brownies are so lucky to have such a guiding light as Lyn.

Tony Naylor kindly reported on Bolventor church yard and the current status of Bolventor Church Yard Trust, set up to oversee its maintenance.

Peter Allen reported on no less than five of the community organisations he is involved with. Firstly, Altarnun Twinning Association. He reported the bond between us and Gueltas remains very strong but pandemic and political complications have hindered exchange visits but a joint visit to somewhere in France is on the cards in the not too distant future.

Altarnun Walkers are a group of 25 casual enthusiasts who are looking to pick up the pace again after COVID, with a fuller Thursday night calendar in the year ahead.

Altarnun Local History Society continues to thrive and seek out old documents and photographs relating to the parish for archiving- Peter advised that any contributions are welcome. Membership is open and also provides for guest speakers to come along and share their knowledge and recollections relating to Altarnun Parish.

Tre Pol Pen – Altarnun Parish News. Established February 2006 and still going strong, with a monthly print run of 180 issues, but needs to enrol new members to the production team to ensure continuity. It is financially secure with a policy to review cover and advertising pricing to keep pace with rising costs of production. A not for profit publication, also help to fund the Christmas lights in Altarnun.

And finally Altarnun Village Hall. Peter was pleased to report business as usual after two years of pandemic disruption. He went on to outline a programme of significant improvement works to be done with the benefit of prior financial planning but advised that room hire rates will have to increase in November 2022 but only by a £1 an hour to meet budget expenditure. The committee remains hugely committed as it, in the main, represents the respective user groups.

The Annual Parish Council meeting dealt largely with annual housekeeping matters. Cllr Craig Dowler was elected as Chair for the year to May 2023, with Chris Bloomfield remaining as vice chair. Cllr Debbie Branch continues in her finance check role, which involves a regular review with the clerk in respect of the councils finances and related governance matters.

Unusually there were no planning applications to make comment on. Two applications were, however, reported as approved. A scheme for a sand school and stables at Deephatches Bolventor applied for under reference PA21/11193 and conversion works to a redundant building at Petmarian, Lewannick (just in our parish) applied for under reference PA22/02072.

The clerk reported that a further tranche of Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) grant monies had been received and that the CIL reserve now stood at £10416 after recent expenditure. Councillors turned their attention to how best to deliver value for this money and instructed the clerk to seek quotations for the resurfacing of the parish cemetery driveway as a possible scheme that does qualify under the CIL guidelines. It must be stressed that councillors are too well aware that there may well be other deserving schemes, subject to eligibility, and will keep an open mind should anything else come forward for consideration.

We are pleased to announce the next council meeting will take place at Bolventor Reading Room on Wednesday 1st June 2022m at 7.30pm. In the meantime please remember the clerk can be contacted on tel; 07841780397 or by email via Thanks for taking the time to read!