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Altarnun PC chair Cllr Craig Dowler presided over a sparsely attended July meeting, which was nonetheless well ordered to dispatch the business at hand. Highways, planning applications and the new Cornwall Council objectives were the main topics debated.

Whilst Altarnun Parish Council and Ward Cllr Adrian Parsons remain committed to press for improvements to our local roads, it was reported that Highways England are not disposed to the installation of an Armco safety barrier at the roadside in front of the Trewint Garage on the A30. Their response was ‘When considering where to make improvements to our roads, we take collision data into account so we can prioritise the areas of greatest need. Looking at the collision data for this location, there have only been one slight injury collision since March 2019. We therefore wouldn’t look to install a barrier here at this time.’

Likewise there seems little hope of any action to remediate the layout at the Plusha junction on the A30 anytime soon. Again Highways England have clearly stated that they are now collating the evidence base that will support the government’s decisions on future Strategic Road Network investment priorities for the next funding period, due to commence in 2025. These decisions will be taken through the third Road Investment Strategy (RIS3). Alongside the Department for Transport, they are planning to engage through round table sessions to discuss RIS3 and the development of the route strategies over the summer and beyond and do note our keen interest regarding parts of the Strategic Road Network, i.e. Plusha junction! As previously reported our local MP is supporting the upgrade here and has promised to remain close to developments.

Three planning applications that had arrived from Cornwall Council inviting a consultee comment were supported by the members. They were: Ref -PA21/04747 ProposalErection of a 60-foot x 15 foot x 12 foot high open-fronted steel-framed barn for fodder and equipment storage. Location Tidn A Taw Trewint Marsh Applicant Mr & Mrs Richard Watson

RefPA21/03967ProposalListed building consent to rebuild 3 stone chimneys above roof level and slate hanging to part of the south elevation Location Tredarras, Altarnun Applicant Mr D Wendon

Ref-PA21/03328 Proposal Retrospective application for maintenance to access track to include land drains along the rocky section to release surface water from the track. Location Canaglaze, St Clether  Applicant Stephen Ritchie.

In respect of the Canaglaze application, councillors were specific in their suggestions for the inclusion of conditions to ensure drainage is onto moorland and not onto the adjacent highway.

In his absence, Cllr Parsons forwarded a written report to the meeting, in which he noted that the new administration at Cornwall Council is currently carrying out a review asking all Town and Parish Councils for their views on CC matters and what needs changing. They also go on to ask how can the new administration work better for local councils and communities. Therefore, for individuals and Parish Councillors there is, no doubt, a lot that can be compiled and put forward. With this in mind Altarnun Parish Council will debate and consider a response at a future meeting, with the benefit of Adrian’s attendance and insight into the matters that are likely to hit hardest at the heart of our community.

Finally, the Responsible Finance Officer advised the meeting that Altarnun has received a total to date of £4195 from the Community Infrastructure Levy. This is money received from developments that qualify to contribute towards the improvement of the community in which they have built, but the caveat is that it has to be spent within five years of receipt. Councillors have been tasked to take into consideration the needs of parishioners with a view to delivering a worthwhile and value for money scheme.

The parish clerk can always be contacted or by phone on 07841780397 for queries and information regarding any matter and future council meetings.