I am pleased to report a successful year for the council and welcome three new councillors appointed during the year: Dan Wendon, Julie Vickery and Rob Anderson. My thanks go to the former councillors they replaced: Tom Hoskin, Leah Marsh and of course Neil Jasper who stepped down after many years of service at last years election.

Last years elections of course saw the re – election of Adrian Parsons with 51.1% of the vote for his role as Altarnun & Stoke Climsland ward councillor.

Thanks to his skills in being able to bring people together our council has benefitted by being able to network with other local town and parish councils more effectively and his motivational can-do work ethic is consistently demonstrated at our meetings which he continues to support without fail, despite an significantly increased work load.

Our successes have covered the established running of the new public convenience block, the Mill Green library where local volunteer engagement has been greatly appreciated, the Bolventor Bus shelter, our campaign for a safer junction at Plusha which has attracted the support of our neighbouring parishes as well as LTC.

Our web site appears to be a big success, gaining recognition with other parish councils looking to set up something similar and members of the public making contact for whatever reason and we are getting requests for our monthly newsletter.

We have also listened to our residents and supporters of the council throughout the year to make sure that Altarnun is in the running to be considered as a candidate for a 20mph speed limit and also supporting the community for better broadband services, hopefully both can come to fruition in due course.

Planning engagements maintained a high profile at our monthly meetings and I am pleased to report that the council gave support to 95.8% of the applications for which we were invited to make a consultee comment. The LPA generally followed suit.

Prudent management of our finances through our reserves policy and the continued receipt of Community Infrastructure Levy grant monies are proving important tools for us to help deliver improvements & support development of infrastructure in our parish. At the moment APC is in a good place financially.

My thanks go to my fellow councillors for their help, support and contributions throughout the year, all the team across Cornwall Council, our ever widening supplier base, which of course includes Anthony James who looks after Bolventor and Mr Paul Smart for the many hours of hard work in and around the parish maintaining the landscape, the parish cemetery, our footpath network, our defibrillator and other assets.

Finally with the defibrillator in mind I would like to thank Altarnun Village Show for their very kind donation of £250, towards it’s upkeep. We had to renew the pads this year– so this money was incredibly useful.

I hope, as a council, we can continue in the same vein as 2021/22 for the next 12 months. The next Parish Meeting will be held 3rd May 2023 at 7.30pm in Altarnun Village Hall (subject to any unforeseen amendment)

Cllr Craig Dowler

4th May 2022

Notice Date: 08/05/2022