The Parish Council provides a burial ground located to the south side of the old Methodist Chapel in Rose Hill. Burial plots in the cemetery and the internment of ashes in the memorial garden are available for reservation. The Council provides services relating to the maintenance of statutory records and the marking of your chosen site. Reservations will be taken for a period of 20 years and are renewable. All enquiries should be directed to the clerk.

Altarnun Parish Cemetery Fees

Exclusive Rights of Interment            Parishioners                       Non Parishioners

Interment in new grave                                                                       £200                                                                   £600

2nd Interment in grave                                                                       £150                                                                   £450

Interment of ashes in new plot                                                           £100                                                                   £300

2nd Interment of ashes in plot                                                           £65                                                                     £130

Reservation of plot for 20 years                                                         £35                                                                     £70

Siting of memorials                                                                            nil                                                                       nil                 

Fees for eligible children (under the age of 18) will be claimed from the Children’s Funeral Fund for England. 

The full details of the Children's Fund for England can be found by clicking the link Children's Funeral Fund