Parish Council

Altarnun Parish Council meets monthly, on the first Wednesday of every month at 7.30pm. The April, August and December meetings take place in the Reading Room at Bolventor and the remainder of the year all meetings are held in Altarnun Village Hall, Rose Hill. As the voice for the Parish the Council are keen to hear from Parishioners on all matters that concern them. Public attendance is encouraged at the monthly meeting and Public Consultations may be held on matters that may be contentious.

Residents and the Parish Council are proud of their rural environment and work together to protect, preserve, promote and improve it for the benefit of parishioners and visitors today and in the future. Major events and recent topics of great interest include flooding in Altarnun Village & Draynes Valley; planning matters - particularly the need for sufficient affordable housing to meet the needs of local people; road safety and traffic management concerns and the replacement of the public conveniences in Altarnun Village centre, following the closure of the original facilities by Cornwall Council.

Please come along and support our efforts!

For more information please contact our Clerk using the details below.