Wildflowers are being left to flourish in towns and villages under Cornwall Council’s new approach to urban verge cutting.

The Council is responsible for maintaining over 75 hectares of urban verges across Cornwall within 30mph zones. Previously, these sites were mowed around eight times a year starting in spring.

After public consultation showed that residents wanted to see nature encouraged to flourish, Cornwall Council introduced a new policy that aims to help wildflowers and pollinators to thrive, without compromising road safety.

Verges will now be cut two or three times a year, instead of eight, and cuttings will take place after the flowers have finished blooming and seeds are set.

The Council will still be tidying path edges, cutting around benches and fixtures, ensuring visibility for safety reasons, and removing noxious weeds. Cutting at junctions and bends on the highway will also continue to ensure roads remain safe and visibility is not compromised.

Notice Date: 18/06/2021